Tracking every hour of every day has made me happy with how I spend my time.

Made for desktop and mobile and easily draggable, every hour helps track your time easily.

What inspired the idea?

My friend, also called Alex, showed how he was doing more of the things he wanted to — piano, friends, and a course — and avoiding things he didn’t want to.

To do this he was using a spreadsheet.

Work is entering the home. Separation is vague. Everything is built for your attention not your balance. We are all unprepared.

We don’t have awareness of time (and everything is built to capture attention).

If someone asked you to do something, you would likely do it for them. Motivation isn’t even a thought.

But when you give yourself a task, it’s much harder.

There is likely less definition of the task and how to complete it, less accountability as you’re only cheating yourself and less urgency. This hits your life balance. Suddenly, your doing more work than anything else, you neglect the things that make you happy and you burn out.

The defence

I started tracking my hours — every hour of the…

The foundational book on habits reviewed


  • Define who you want to be (and write it down)
    (Identity — eg. “I am someone who enjoys exercise and hence does triathlons”)
  • Define precisely (time and place) your desired habits that support that identity
    (eg. “I should get up at 6:30am and do yoga in the lounge”)
  • Make the habits super small
    (eg. “At 6:30am, I will roll the yoga mat out in the lounge and sit for 5 mins”)
  • Design your environment to make those small habits
    (eg. “I will roll the yoga mat out the evening before”)
  • Stack habits you already do together to make them more…

How APIs are just child blocks, semantic versioning and what major releases are

Model of an API

The API is the hole.

In reality the shape is not a triangle but a structure of data (X contains Y) and format of the data (Y should be a number with no decimal places).

If you are working with an API, you are creating the block, they are managing the hole.

When things change

Things can change in three ways with APIs:

  • PATCH — don’t change the shape
  • MINOR — change the shape a bit
  • MAJOR— completely change the shape

Don’t change the shape

This could be for things like performance improvements, small tweaks in method, or fixing simple bugs.

The short of it is that…

And how I get around it.

I need to compare aibnb’s better, but airbnb has missed this step. I am making something to fix it until airbnb do.


I love airbnb. It is a beautiful idea that is making access to accommodationalojamiento so much better, directlydirecto and indirectly.

Moreover, it is a beautiful experience. Easy search, easy filtering, great visual workflow of decisionsdecisiones and super easy representations of changing decisions:

Airbnb focus on your decision making process

The problem

When searching for things, we tend to work in a double diamond model:

Basically, time zones suck but Mongo saved me from RSI.

I use mongoDB and the MERN stack more generally while I am building:

I couldn’t recommend the stack enough — especially if you are new to learning to code.


I spotted a bug with my most recent release…

The problem — 08/04/21 was the most important date?

It was appearing at the top of everywhere for everyone…

Notice how the 8th April is repeated.

My first though was, “Oh good lord, no, not more timezone pain or something”. Turns out no. After a lot of hair pulling, I by chance spotted this:

In my case half the time it did take!

If you use React (or others) for an app that calls a db for data, you will likely already know to use await

It is a shorthand to create a Promise — essentially a link of actions. Read more here: Promises are native in javascript so no clunky packages or extras to add.

In fact, I was using await regularly in as it is so simple, easy and readable.But there was one page specifically that was awful for loading especially with the most heavy users — including myself.

In short, this page was showing analytics of users record…

A clear explanation of how easy PWA functions are to integrate to give your website super-powers

I believe Progressive Web Apps are a fantastic bit of tech that many people miss and hence way over-complicate their initial web app.

If you want to…

  • give (some) users push notifications
  • allow offline use
  • have your website easily be an app
  • have your app be super small in storage size (as it is dependent on the browser’s runtime engine — not needing its own)
  • have one repository and language (.js) for your iOS, Android, and web app

…you may want to try building a PWA.

What do you need?

  • A manifest.manifest file
  • A service-worker.js file
  • Three lines added to you index.js

That is…

And why they remind me of the music industry

PWAs and the Service Worker lifecycle basically are a pop contest

Have you ever googled any of these?

PWA freezes app
PWA giving old page
PWA not being replaced
What on earth is a service worker

Let me help.

What is a PWA?

A progressive web app can allow users to download your website onto their phone easily, cache page resources, and even give users notifications. This is all powered by service workers.

A service worker is a piece of code that levels up your site by being able to do caching resources of your page (crazy fast refresh and loading times), monitor push for notifications, install onto mobile phones and more…


They are easy to implement, but can cause a great…

How to style facebook link previews.

I used to think it was magic, turns out it is just HTML tags. Now Facebook will now preview my website’s URL link in a pretty way with a description, a title, and an image to help convince people to click!

How my links looked before


Founder of and Product Owner @ dunnhumby; just genuinely interested in a lot of things. Built racecars, built electronics, now building software

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