❌📐 6 rules to build a “no rules” culture

A dummy’s summary of the book explaining Netflix’s culture

10 min readDec 12, 2022


The authors and the book.

“It was not obvious to me at the time but we had a culture that valued people over process, emphasized innovation over efficiency and had very few controls.” — Reed Hastings CEO Netflix

This book is essentially 6 points:

  1. Work only with the best.
  2. Everyone must give each other feedback—a framework to keep surpassing yourselves, improving the company and learning.
  3. Remove all your rules now (after the above)
  4. Pay people well — you only want rock stars / sport stars on your team.
  5. We work for the company, not the people in it
  6. Be comfortable firing people, and fire them nicely

Finally near the end the book talks to the challenges of global teams and cultural challenges.

My reflection:

  • A dogmatic approach in implementing this culture within a workplace could result in a toxic place to work
  • Some of the lines out of context feel odd (“Adequate performance gets a generous severance package”), but it is an interesting read.
  • People who are great excite others to be great, which causes a flywheel.
Source: Xavier von Erlach

🏆 Work only with the best

Everyone wants to work with people they believe are the best.

There is a joy in being surrounded by people “who are both talented and collaborative. People who can make you better.”

For me I got this from www.dca-design.com
Every person there was incredible at their job, had hobbies that they
were equally incredible at (mechanical cakes, climbing mountains, etc)
and more than anything they were all incredibly nice and collaborative.

Conversely, team members that do not embody ‘the best’ drop the performance of the whole team.