De Nada Nights — an evening you don’t need to worry about planning

Coming soon — a cultural evening plan from around the world just for fun!

2 min readMay 20, 2022


Every month there are countless important celebrations around the world. Let’s join in!

Get a food, music to listen to while cooking and a movie to watch for one night every month, for free.

Emma and I started doing this on Cinco de Mayo 2021:

  • a big and colourful mix of Mexican food
  • reading some trivia about it — that it is basically independence day for Mexico (after a battle they really didn’t expect to win against the French!)
  • listening to this playlist while cooking:
  • and then watched Encanto!

It was flipping great!

Now I am sharing these evening plans with you — so you don’t need to worry (“de nada”) about your plan for a night!

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