Growth can’t stop now. What’s next? Homo Deus. [part4]

Knowledge is a limitless resource

Originally humanity believed,

Religious Knowledge = Scripture x Logic
Scientific Knowledge = Data x Maths
Humanist Knowledge = Experiences x Sensitivity
  • The Socialist — The collective human experience knows best; the more you align people the better life will be.
  • The Evolutionist — humankind must prolong; the best should only succeed.

When society and science clash again

As we said earlier, religions find ethical statements, create factual ones and then science proves them wrong.

  • Is manufactured euphoria equal to euphoria?
  • Our memory is not rational: how do we make decisions?
  • If we aren’t needed to work, what do we do?

Free will is sold out

Science is now taking aim at Liberalism. “Humans have free will” is a core fact that explains the ethical reasoning that you should respect another’s choices.

Predicting what participants will do before they know

Manufactured Bliss

While researching brain computer interfaces for spinal cord injuries, research found they could use reward stimulation in the mind to remote control rats. The rats feel no discomfort, instead they live in constant mental ecstacy when they complete goals set for them. The rat is unaware it is being controlled.

Our two selves: Experiencing and Narrating

As Science starts chipping away at Liberal beliefs we will need to reassess our morals and ourselves.

Our Boys didn’t die in vain.

In this reassessment other failings of individuals and society will need review.

Intelligence is decoupling from conscience

In short, machines are now becoming intelligent without needing conscience — and why would they need it Hollywood!

What will we all do?

Historically we had three main sectors: agriculture/food, industry/things, services/help.

  • Humanity’s data will be valuable but controlled and monitored
  • Only the few will be Homo Deus

Humanity will lose all its value

There has always been things that humans are better at than machines, but that sentence is past tense. Machines best us at physical repetition and soon they will best us at specific cognitive repetition. Then in the future they may best us at all cognition.

Learning could save us?

For the short term, seeming we have no idea what work will be available in the future, lifelong learning will be needed. You main go from bank teller, to bank teller robot trainer, to virtual bank designer, to then needing to find a new job.

Humanity’s data will be valuable

Perhaps we will get to most jobs being needless but the goals of humanity (immortality, happiness and divinity) will not be complete.

Only the few

Potentially, instead of an equal roll out of human upgrades they will be aligned to only the rich and powerful.

What will the social dogma be?

Yuval points to the leadership that comes from tech hubs like Silicon Valley as their origin, but looks to two main types of ‘techno-religion” that he expects:

  • Dataism

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