How the Andes mountains killed a group of whales some sloths and a load of seals. 4 times.

The Atacama Desert and some amazing pictures here: Source:
The incredible Chalicotheres: Source. The earth’s projected layout and water level: Source

So there were loads of marine life there?

Three whale skeletons that were found.
Mass Stranding Photo Source: The incredible Eons Channel ; Mass Stranding Engravings from 1577: Wiki Source.

Causes of beaching

  1. Environment — individuals’ weakness, rough weather, shallowly sloping beach fronts, consuming poisonous food or water, rain and sand disrupting echo location, and changes magnetic poles of Earth are all examples.
  2. ‘Follow Me’ — when large whales follow smaller whales or dolphins and become beached. This stems from the fact that most whales that are beached are social animals, the solitary ones are much less common.
  3. Accidentally Intentional — very very very rarely some Orca’s do beach themselves when they intentionally land themselves on beaches when chasing seals. But it is rare as Orcas are so clever … and terrifying.
  4. Sonar — Human’s typically causing confusion, scaring whales or causing internal haemorrhaging from use of sonar

So what could it be?

What is your poison?

Lake Erie being Erie. The South West becoming a mess. The Red Tide filling Florida.

But where did it come from and how did it happen 4 times?

So what food did the algae eat to bloom so quickly, 4 times only?

So this is the theory on how the Sun, Earth and Andes killed a load of whales, seals, dolphins and some sloths.





Focused on saving our time: for your life balance; for our food emissions and for booking airbnbs.

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Focused on saving our time: for your life balance; for our food emissions and for booking airbnbs.

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