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The Entrepreneur First bible - learnt building 300 companies now valued at $10B

8 min readApr 15


While going through EF, I have also been reading the book. If you are interested in starting a VC back-able business, you must read this. I put this on the list with Lean Startup.

Here are the top 9 things:



[a startup is] ‘the most accessible and effective path to having an impact in the world’

There are a host of people who are talented, hate their jobs, but do nothing about it. They want to stop this waste.

The opportunity cost of not starting is huge — for the individual (wealth and fulfilment) and for the world.

Yet, we don’t.

Source: Henry & Co.

The barriers

  1. ‘Best is enemy of good’ — just start working on your ideas. No idea is a eureka moment. ‘You will learn by doing’.
  2. Willingness — obligations will become shackles. Arnaud once told me, “We get maybe 5 shots in a life to start something big”. What shot are you on?
  3. You don’t need a network — in truth, it is a double edged sword. Public failure is more painful when you do. Plus they may lie just to gain favor.
  4. I am not in Silicon Valley — true before, but not now. Caveat: You do want to be in an ecosystem to learn, meet and motivate one another.
  5. I might fail — You will fail. But at the beginning no-one cares so you don’t lose much. In fact, it is respected more as you shot for your dreams and learn a lot more!

For me, regret is compelling. I talk about it more here with an idea I wish I did pursue.