Immortality, Happiness and Divinity. What’s next? Homo Deus. [part2]

What is next for humanity?

The Pursuit of Immortality

Fear of losing immortality

Family Life

Work Life


Jonathon Daniels; Source:

The Pursuit of Happiness


The Pursuit of Divinity

Biological — Man’s command of Genes

Cyborg — Man‘s command of Machine

Cybermen in media — Doctor Who; Source. Cyberborg in 2019 — Neil Habbisson, the man who can hear colour through a chip vibrating his skull; Source.
It is already happening:
Elon Musk’s company looking at integrating Man and Machine: Source.

“Why should a cyborg doctor hold a surgeon’s scalpel by hand, when she could connect her mind directly to the instrument?”

Non-Organics — Man’s control of Man

If you went to the year 3000, you would be irrelevant

Founder of and Product Owner @ dunnhumby; just genuinely interested in a lot of things. Built racecars, built electronics, now building software

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