For investors only, though talks are now public on youtube, investival was a chance to show what Monzo is aiming for in the future and a showcase of what they do to get there — culturally as well as product focused. Below are short summaries of the talks and my key takeaways.

Monzo Points

By Richard Cadman {link} : a few screenshots and also a table of the most popular vendors for Monzo customers.

Monzo Plus

By Luba Chudnovets {link}

Early Payday

By Simon Amor {link}

Empty Spaces

By Bruno Vaz Moco and Beth Brettingham {link}

From the Verge’s Critique of the Photo’s app when it came out 2015

Support at the Speed of Thought

By Sophie Koonin {link}

The Role of Technology in Supporting Social Inclusion

By Sally Lait {link}

Product Culture at Monzo

By Kieran McHugh {link}

Hot Chip Science

By Rika Raybould {link}

Building Monzo’s Base

By Suhail Patel {link}

Growth at Monzo

By Phu Ly and Jordan Fish {link}

Growth to 2.3 million customers

Ask Me Anything

By Tom Bloomfield and Hugo Cornejo {link}

The Monzo Future

By Simon Vans-Colina {link}

Aboard the Rocketship

By Meri Williams {link}

  • At 50, people are interested in / worried about their careers more
  • At 150, people will not know each other
  1. Drive; Daniel H Pink


Overall, this reinforced to me how brilliant Monzo is, technically, culturally and in the products (there are multiple) that they build. To see more about other talks that I did not see go to:

Focused on saving our time: for your life balance; for our food emissions and for booking airbnbs.