Key Person of Influence

What’s your tagline? Where are your ideas published? How can I learn from you? Here is a guide to be eminent.

9 min readJan 15


First impressions — this book really pushes to sell itself. The language is a little like self-help books. “Keep doing X and…”, “In 6 months you will…”, “just trust it and…”

Reading past that, it is quite interesting!

It gives 5 true suggestions that would help make you eminent in your niche:

  • have an answer for ‘what you do? — with a specific structure
  • start writing publicly — it pushes you to write a book for good reason
  • start offering products — books, blogs, courses, todo lists
  • build a profile — to hold of these things
  • partner with others — to extend your reach and scale

The author, Daniel Priestley, does what he says and you can feel that in his writing with this book — he is completing his method by writing this book!

What is a KPI?

A Key Person of Influence is someone who are known in their niche — “well connected, well known, well regarded and highly valued”. They don’t chase opportunities, they take their pick.

When anyone thinks of that niche, they come to mind.

They aren’t necessarily the best operators, but they the most well known.

How did they get there?

Most people believe that more study equals more success. Study may move you slightly ahead of the competition, but it doesn’t mean more success.

KPIs don’t.

Instead, they aim to be more vocal in their niche.

Priestley goes further to say that KPIs go on to stop trading time for money and instead make products, services and partnerships to create value, not time.

The hardest working people in the world are not the most successful people in the world. ‘A week of sailing with friends could yield more ideas, connections and perspective’.

Social media is just a megaphone…