Mind The Product 2019

My notes from Keynotes. Overall rating 3/5. Some talks were worth talking about again… here.

«Henrik Kniberg — Be mindful of the gap between users and you

«Andy Ayim discussed questions to ask yourself when making things

First principle thinking — where to start after an idea

Second order thinking…


«C Todd Lombardo on how to be not crap at research

45% of product features are never used. And there are so many excuses. Research is a solution.

Inspiration for the talk stemmed from this tweet.

The Rules

Think about how you question

Mass Challenge is an incubator in Massachusetts

«Jonny Schneider — Design is a talent, everything else is a method

“Design is an ability, everything else just helps” is the premise.

How to flex your design muscles:

«Kate Leto — stop being crap at hiring, be more honest

History of Soft Skills

Improve your process

«Lindsey Jayne — write better and clearer

Be clear

Write better

If you can add “…by monkeys” at the end, it is passive. Source: https://monzo.com/tone-of-voice/

Share early and often

My Review

Manual Impact and Effort estimates, the size is the content and hence thinking has been done on the idea/epic and the colour relates to how recently it was updated — by your team or by user feedback (that is automatically labelled). https://youtu.be/WB8uJSsI2Uc

Founder of EveryHour.xyz and Product Owner @ dunnhumby; just genuinely interested in a lot of things. Built racecars, built electronics, now building software

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