Religion and Liberalism is over. What’s next? Homo Deus.[part3]

A reflection on how we overcame survival

The breakdown of religion

Why are humans on top?

Lions can run, jump, claw and bite. Yet they cannot open a bank account or file a lawsuit.

The new intersubjective dogma

Why is religion useful?

So religion is declining, what is next?

“Just as Christians and Muslims all believe in heaven, and disagree only about how to get there, so during the Cold War both capitalists and communists disagreed on how to create heaven on earth through economic growth”

‘Liberal Democratic’ that was very conservative and nationalistic, Prime Minster of Japan, Shinzo Abe, built his own style of growth using something now know as Abeconmics. (Image Source; Graph Source)
Son of the founder of the founder of Singapore, a pluristic economic focused country, Lee Hsien Loong has caused growth by tieing the Singaporean country to the GDP it generates since 2004, which has worked… (Image Source; Graph Source — Google ‘Singapore GDP’)
A young stall worker who ran away from home, who in 2014 became the 14th Prime Minister of India and leader of an orthodox Hindu party. (Image Source; Graph Source)
In Nov 2012, Xi Jinping came from literally ‘living in a cave’ to being the highest ranking official of “communist” China and has sustained growth since. (Image Source; Graph Source — Google China GDP)
Authoritarian Government Leader of Turkey — Erdogan and Turkey’s growth (Source photo; Source Graph)

What can we use to grow?

Founder of and Product Owner @ dunnhumby; just genuinely interested in a lot of things. Built racecars, built electronics, now building software

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