Sharing links should preview your site!

How to style facebook link previews.

How my links looked before
How they look now

Step One: Add the HTML tags


<!-- Social-sharing URL Previews config -->
<!-- Using png instead of webp as it is more widely supported -->
<meta property="og:image" content="/iPhone-XS-MAX.png" />


<meta property="og:title" 
content="everyhour - the honest way to track your time and


<meta property="og:description"
"Struggling with time? everyhour helps you easily record
what you do - motivating you to not waste time,prioritise what is
important, and to find better balance"

Optional URL property

<meta property="og:url" content="" />

Step Two: Check that Facebook hasn’t cached your site

Step three: Send the link out!

Founder of and Product Owner @ dunnhumby; just genuinely interested in a lot of things. Built racecars, built electronics, now building software

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