Simplify: The Lean Startup — Eric Ries

Point 1: Validated Learning

Success is not delivering a feature; success is learning how to solve a customers problem

Point 2: Minimise the loop

Credit: Eric Ries — SlideShare

Point 3: Go see for yourself — Genchi Gembutsu

Point 4: MVPs should be shit

Point 5: Concierge can be king

Point 6: Vanity Metrics will kill you

Point 7: Cohort Analysis

Point 8: To pivot is to have courage

Most people will say they wish they did it sooner.

Point 9: Pivot or Persevere

Point 10: Catalogue of Pivots

Point 11: Small batches win

Point 12: Andon cords

Point 13: Engines of Growth

Point 14: Is your growth sticky?

“If the rate of new customer acquisitions exceeds the churn [leaving] rate the product will grow”.

Point 15: Is your growth Viral?

Point 16: Root cause analysis with 5 whys

Point 17: Cross Functional Team

Point 18: Sandboxes

Point 19: Productivity isn’t excellence

Point 20: Don’t lie to yourself

Projects are greenlighted on intuition, not facts.



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