Simplify: Wired to Eat — RobbWolf

Why are you always hungry? It's biology. How to get better? Use biology — not will.

My best takeaway (pun intended)

Paleo is just meat, right?

“Ahhh I must have got it confused with Keto”

Point 1: Modern life and our evolution is mismatched

Point 2: How do we know what is too much

Why? Well, he was tricking his palette.

Point 3: Food Porn

Point 4: The opposite of helping

Point 5: Studying poo is studying you

Credit: Linda Carney MD in Science Inspired
Credit: me

Point 6: Endocrinology is hormonal

Credit: Tradewinds

Point 7: What happens when we don’t eat

Point 8: What happens when we eat too much

Point 9: The hygiene hypothesis

Point 10: Ancestral diets

Point 11: Use the scientific method

Data from Zeevi et al. Image Credit: Weizmann Institute

Point 12: You are like a navy SEAL

Point 13: Sleep with the sun

Point 14: Exercise won’t make you healthy

A damn long swim session. Screenshot from my Strava.

We can not out-exercise a bad diet.

Point 15: Measurement

Point 16: The 30 day reset test plan

Point 17: Throw out the pantry

Point 19: Print this out

Point 19: Do you really need a snack?

Point 20: Alcohol

Point 21: Moderator or Abstainer

Point 22: A shorter summary

Point 23: Ketosis

The story of Angus Barbieri : Credit

Point 24: And the final point

Focused on saving our time: for your life balance; for our food emissions and for booking airbnbs.