The Courage to be Disliked – a philosophy that is supposed to make you happy.

Touted by many. But why?

The book cover
Marc AndreeSsen of a16z being on of those touters! Source: Twitter.


How does it suggest to do this?

Okay, but for real, how do we do this?

So, the story?

The scene I am imagining. Source: Thong Vo (Unsplash)

Aetiology vs Teleology: Learning psychology words.

Does this fill you with dread? Source: Matthew Sichkaruk

Another comparison to Freudian psychology

“I am a pessimist

Measurement of lifestyle?

Feeling inferior

Why does inferiority exist?

It can be toxic though

Inferiority is the same as superiority, just shown differently

Superiority of misfortune

‘In our culture, weakness can be quite strong and powerful’

Provocation and Anger

Deny the desire for recognition

Codified recognition. Source:

‘If you are not living your life for you, then who is going to live it for you?’

What are your tasks

Being liked is a natural desire

Freedom is being disliked

Being Self-centred is being vain

Yeah, but who actually will help others?

The community need not be one community

If you do these, you do not have horizontal relationships

Responsibility of actions

Dancing in the kitchen

Acceptance not Affirmation

Confidence, not trust, in others


Learning from Religion

Workaholics and life harmony

What is happiness?

‘… a subjective sense that I am of use to someone… happiness is the feeling of contribution…’

Easy superiority and normality


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One of the authors, Fumitake Koga, in the afterword, gives a summary better than I can give:

‘…all problems are interpersonal relationship problems, …people can change and be happy… and the problem is not one of ability but of courage.’

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