What it means, in 10 points: “Homo Deus — a Brief History of Tomorrow”

500 pages, 5 posts, all boiled into 10 points.

A summary for the sequel to Sapiens.

This is Yuval Noah Harari’s sequel to how humans conquered the world, how Europeans were lucky to have horses, and how society began (Sapiens) looks forward.

It describes humanity’s drive for better is unstoppable, that religion is failing us, and predicts the rise of data as being the driving force of advancement.


  1. Famine, War, and Disease do not affect humanity anymore, but it does affect humans.
  2. Humans will focus on advancement on new goals: Immortality, Happiness, and, ultimately, Divinity.
  3. To complete these goals, we will upgrade from Homo-Sapiens through biological, cybernetic or/and inorganic engineering.
  4. We demand growth and improvement.
  5. We owe much to religion for improving our lives, but Science is disputing it, arguing its non-ethical fact based rules.
  6. New structures for growth began, in the form of Socialism, Fascism, and Liberalism — the latter being most compatible with growth.
  7. Liberalism will undergo the same fate as religion, as science goes on to prove that non-ethical fact based rules are false, such as a free will.
  8. As Liberalism’s ideas are questioned by science, a new types of dogma for growth will start.
  9. These dogmas will be concerned with either expanding what humans can understand, do and process, or it will skip humans altogether and simply focus on processing data by way of increasing life.
  10. Religion served us to organize, Liberalism served us to accelerate tech, something new may take us to the next stage, but the final stage may not need humans.

Founder of EveryHour.xyz and Product Owner @ dunnhumby; just genuinely interested in a lot of things. Built racecars, built electronics, now building software

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