Made for desktop and mobile and easily draggable, every hour helps track your time easily.

What inspired the idea?

My friend, also called Alex, showed how he was doing more of the things he wanted to — piano, friends, and a course — and avoiding things he didn’t want to.

To do this he was using a spreadsheet.


  • It is safer to outsource managing user passwords
  • Even capturing them on your site and then sending them can be dangerous
  • Auth0 prefers you to send your users to its website (which you can customise)
  • They will redirect users back to your site after
  • When they return you will be…
BTW if you are completely new to this, let me give an anology:- web2 makes you save your data into a private database
- web3 makes you save your data into a public database
This ‘public database’ is some form of blockchain, as ‘anyone’ can read but it’s history…

Drake’s album art seemed appropriate

In short: You can’t say what their problem is, they can’t tell you what to build. You need to learn the problem and solve it later.


 - If this company fails, it won’t be because you had too many conversations or didn’t build quick enough — make…

1. Say how you feel

Literally say, “I feel angry/sad/confused” when you are. It will allow others to help and show compassion to calm you and it will allow you to think at a higher cognitive level — helping you to process it at a high level.

2. Regularly reflect

Regularly thinking about what happened recently (day, week…

Scenario of the pain:

A group holiday can be many different demographics; a group of friends, a group of people with similar interests, an extended family. In each group there is typically the organiser.

The organiser is the person spearheading the group. Sharing and confirming the details, pushing people to commit, the first one…

“When does our tenancy renew?” I called out from bed.

“No idea”, she shouted as she squeezed past the bikes and over the shoes.

A similar representation of our hallway at the time

It turned out we had only 2 weeks to decide if we commit to:

  1. another 8 months of £2,000 per month,
  2. find another place to live in London in the middle of the pandemic.

Or maybe a third option.

£2,000/pm anywhere else in the UK is luxury — hot tubs…


Focused on saving our time: for your life balance; for our food emissions and for booking airbnbs.

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